The Illusionists & The Ghost Talker



Recent Review from Facebook from a guest from last year,
"I was at this Halloween show last year. It was INTENSE,
to say the least. I’ve been to see their show at The Intrigue Theater
and it was PHENOMENAL.   But, the Halloween show takes
it to a whole other level. It was SO memorable that is for sure!
Do NOT miss this show."


The Mysteries of Secret Societies!  They are hundreds of years old and meet in ominous buildings armed by guards.    Some claim they seek to rule the world while others believe they already do.   We will conduct an experiment that tests their influence on the masses.

Reknar - High Priest of Amun!    Sean-Paul recently acquired the remains of an Egyptian Mummy.   This ancient culture was OBSESSED with the afterlife and Sean-Paul will conduct an experiment from Egyptian Book of the Dead making use of the Mummy and the life force from members of the audience.

The Table of Death - Can Sean-Paul Escape from a Falling rack of spikes before the Time Runs out!

The Ghost Talker & the Gallows!  Juliana Fay has been speaking for those on the other side in Eureka Spring for 8 years now.   While most people love her performance, 150 years ago - it would not have been well received by some communities and they might sentence to death.  We will see how the Ghosttalker handles being on the wrong end of a witch trial. 

Website: Illusionist and Ghost Talker at Intrigue Theatre


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