Witches Escape in Eureka Springs

2022 Eureka Springs Witches Escape

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What is a Witches Escape

Schedule of Activities
Saturday, Sep. 10, 2022
Downtown Eureka Springs

9am - Check-in at Basin Park
10am - The Adventure Begins!
5pm - The Great Reveal + Contest Finalists

The Storyline

The wealthy widow Theadora Glynn has tasked your team with investigating the murder of her husband, who had journeyed to Eureka Springs in search of "alternative healing", but ultimately found his death. You will retrace his footsteps in the city of healing waters, investigating a ragtag roster of alleged witch-doctors, mystics, and other mysterious suspects. She recommends that you earn the trust of these alleged "healers" by mimicking their dress and dialect, and feigning interest in their unscrupulous practices. Only then will you uncover the dark secrets of her husband’s untimely demise.

Stay alert, and remember...there may be a killer out there. Group of people by Crescent Spring

The Experience

This year's Witches Escape is a magical adventure throughout Downtown Eureka Springs that combines the action of a scavenger hunt with the thrill of a murder mystery. Event participants are invited to dress in witches garb and visit dark and mysterious locations to interact with strange and unusual characters as they seek to uncover the truth.

In addition to this immersive adventure experience, our witches will compete in cackling and costume contests, learn a special witches dance in the park, secure their very own magic wand, attend a Victorian seance with a dubious "trumpet medium", and play Witches Shopping Bingo for a chance to win some amazing prizes from local shops and crafts people.

Upon the completion of the Witches Escape adventure at 5pm, participants are invited to remain in Downtown Eureka Springs for dinner and additional shopping to win more prizes as part of the Witches Shopping Bingo.

Separately Ticketed:
Witches + Wizards Ball
Saturday, Sep. 10, 2022
8pm to 11pm

Castle at Rogues Manor

After Dark Experience

The Witches + Wizards Ball

For those looking to extend the experience even further, the Eureka Springs Historical Museum is hosting a separately ticketed Witches + Wizards Ball at Castle Rogues Manor, from 8pm to 11pm.

This is an immersive dance party experience hosted in a real medieval castle hidden in the Ozark woods north of Eureka Springs. Tickets to the Ball include access to a Magic Market of Curious Goods and Psychic Services, one free drink ticket and light party snacks, as well as dancing and entertainment provided by DJ Testube, Eureka's very own "mad scientist" of music. Witches + Wizards Ball

Early Bird Tickets go on sale July 4th, 2022!